11 of the Best Email Marketing Templates for 2022

Have you ever run an email marketing campaign and struggled to get the desired ROI? This may be because people didn’t respond to your emails or click on the call-to-action (CTAs) as you had hoped. 

Have you wondered what is keeping you from getting the desired engagement with your emails? The answer, in most cases, is poor email design.

Your emails simply aren’t engaging enough for people to want to read and take the desired action. Poorly designed emails often go unnoticed and unread, wasting all of your effort spent on your email marketing campaign. This is where expert-designed, beautiful email templates can help you. These templates are designed by experts who know what works and what doesn’t. And, there are tons of websites that provide such email templates for free. All you need is to know exactly where to find these hidden gems.

11 of the Best Sources to Get Email Marketing Templates:

Where Can You Find the Best Email Marketing Templates?

In this post, we have curated a list of 11 of the best online sources where you can find free email templates that you can use for your campaigns. 

Check out these sources and select the ones whose design aesthetics match with your brand’s aesthetics. Or, you can simply pick any template that you like and customise it per your brand’s guidelines.

So, read on and find tons of unique email templates to take your email campaigns a notch higher.

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue offers more than 60 fully responsive email templates (and even if you choose to sign up for its Free plan, you’ll still get full access to its template gallery). With this tool, no CSS or HTML knowledge is required to create beautiful emails. In short, you just pick a template and use its drag-and-drop tool to rearrange the different elements or add new ones. 

However, if you would like to use HTML email templates that you’ve downloaded, you’re more than welcome. For this approach, you can use its WYSIWYG HTML editor to make any changes.

sendinblue email marketing software

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that also provides free email templates that you can use for your campaigns. The website has a collection of 100+ predesigned templates that you can use to send different types of emails.

The designs are completely customisable so you are not stuck with all design elements if you use one of their templates. All you need to do is pick a layout that fits best with your message and then customise it per your needs. 

What’s even better? You don’t need to start from scratch, but you also don’t need to force-fit your message in fixed templates.Overall, it is a brilliant way to create engaging emails quickly.

mailchimp email marketing tool

3. Campaign Monitor

This is another good place to find free mobile-responsive email templates that work well with different types of devices. 

They provide 50+ email templates for you to choose from. These email templates are further classified into several categories based on the type of email.

From announcements to newsletters to welcome emails, you have a template for all your business needs. This provides a lot of flexibility while designing your email campaigns as you can select a predesigned template for different types of emails and modify it. It helps save time while also helping you create engaging emails.

campaign monitor email template

4. ZOHO Campaigns

ZOHO Campaigns also provides a wide selection of free email templates for any business. They categorise their templates by occasions like holidays or birthday. 

They also have a separate category call “business” where you can find different types of email templates for your business. This category itself has 25+ email templates for different kinds of business emails. You can choose the layout that fits best with your message and then customise it according to your needs. 

zoho campaigns email template

5. SendGrid

This is another excellent source for free email and newsletter templates with a mobile-responsive design and layout. They provide a whole gallery of customisable email templates that you can modify using their design editor.

If you want to design your own email templates then you can do that as well using their “marketing campaign” dashboard. Given their wide range of 40+ template designs, you don’t really need to start from scratch.

sendgrid email marketing template

6. Cakemail

This is another source where you will find free email and newsletter templates that you can use for your campaigns. The templates are available for different kinds of emails that your business might send like welcome emails or deals and offers. This source is especially good for finding newsletter templates as they have quite a few unique designs. 

Are these templates right for you? They can be used by businesses from different industries as these templates can be easily customised.

Still not satisfied with the selection of templates provided by the sources mentioned above? 

7. EmailOctopus

This is a lesser-known source that also has a good selection of free email templates. Their template designs are mobile-responsive and look just as good on mobile devices as they do on laptops.

While they do not boast a large selection of templates, their designs are minimal and can be used by anyone. Their 11 unique email templates are enough to meet your basic email design needs and get you started. However, unlike some other sources listed here, there aren’t dozens of options by category. So, either you like their design or you don’t, there’s not much to choose from.

8. Stripo

If you prefer to look at multiple design options and don’t want to put much effort into customisation, then this is the source for you. With over 300 email template designs you’d want for nothing more. Whatever kind of email you want to send, you will find several email templates for it. This is an excellent source for email templates for marketers that are looking for tons of unique design ideas. 

They also provide customised email templates for different industries. So, all you need to do is use a template predesigned for your industry and you won’t need much customisation. Of all the sources listed here, this is probably the biggest in terms of their collection of email templates. And, after you look at their selection, chances are, you won’t need to look any further.

9. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is another popular email marketing tool that also provides free email templates. They have tens of email template designs for different kinds of business and personal emails. They use different colour schemes, layouts, and designs to make engaging email templates that are ready-to-use. You can scroll through their selection and see which layout will work best for your email. You can also customise these designs and make these comply with your brand aesthetics.

10. BEE Free

Still looking for more great email marketing templates? BEE Free is a great source for finding unique and vibrant email templates suited for all occasions, both for personal and business use. They have a selection of 200+ designs that you can choose from, depending on the type of email that you want to send. They also categorise their email templates by industry and type of email, so it is easier for you to find something that you can use as-is, without modification. 

And, given their selection of templates, there will hardly be any need for you to check out any other sources. This is not a popular email marketing tool. In fact, not many people know about it. It is kind of a hidden gem. And you can use to your advantage.

11. Colorlib

This is a website that boasts thousands of email templates and design assets. They provide 39 of these free of cost that are available for download by anyone. These cover templates for different kinds of emails that you need to send in the course of your business. So, scroll through their selection and see if anything catches your eyes. Also, all these templates have a responsive design so these will work well with any kind of device. 

Because a lot people check their emails on the go. So, that is one less thing that you need to worry about and you can use any of these templates as-is.

Which One Will You Choose?

With our curation of sources for free email templates, you can now access hundreds of designs for your business emails. All of these have a good collection of templates that you can choose from. So, take your pick while keeping your brand aesthetics in mind and design beautiful and engaging emails that deliver the desired results.

What are you waiting for? Start creating successful and engaging email campaigns now with these templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find the best email marketing templates?

In this post, we curated a list of 11 of the best online sources to find free email templates that you can use for your campaigns. The sites we found are:
Campaign Monitor
ZOHO Campaigns
Constant Contact
Email Octopus
BEE Free
Between these sites and tools, you can access hundreds of designs for your business emails. Take your pick while keeping your brand aesthetics in mind and design beautiful and engaging emails that deliver the desired results.

Which is the best email marketing tool?

There is no definitive best marketing tool. It all depends on the size and needs of your business. For example, Mailchimp is excellent for small to medium-sized firms. As we have described in this article, it provides more than 100 predesigned templates that you can use to send different types of emails. However, it would not be the best choice for an enterprise-level company with complex needs. In that case, something like Salesforce Pardot may better meet your needs.

Where do I find Mailchimp templates?

Mailchimp comes with more than 100 pre-built templates, and you can create others yourself. You typically begin a campaign with one of Mailchimp’s templates. Mailchimp shows you Featured templates. These recommend what to include in your campaign. To view Featured templates within Mailchimp, navigate to the Templates page, and click Create Template. Featured templates are in the Layouts tab. Mailchimp’s Basic templates use the drag-and-drop editor to help you add your own content to a blank, mobile-friendly email layout. You can also code your own.

How can I email market for free?

Inevitably, most email marketing tools cost money. However, some have a free plan you can use until you are successful enough to jump up to a paid plan. Be aware that MailChimp has changed its focus from email marketing, so it is now less suitable for free email marketing. Benchmark offers a free email marketing plan, perfect for businesses getting started. This provides essential email marketing tools for up to 250 emails per month. You can even do basic drip campaigns.

What are email marketing tools?

You can’t just mass email from an everyday email account. If you tried, they would quickly flag your account as potential spam. Therefore, if you wish to engage in email marketing, you need to use a specialist tool. You use these to create, send, test, optimize, and report on your email campaigns. Many include templates to help you create attractive emails to use in your mailshots. Quite a few of the places we have included in this article are email marketing tools.

Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing is a comparatively old online marketing method, yet it is still one of the most effective. Sure, people often feel bombarded with unsolicited email messages. But if you structure your emails carefully (and send them to an appropriate audience), then it still works for most businesses. It is vital that you use your email marketing cleverly and not overdo it. There is a fine line between people being interested in your emails and feeling overpowered by them.