20 of the Best Google Ads Agencies for 2022

Google gets over 86 million total monthly visits. That’s a lot of traffic and a marketing opportunity that you can’t ignore. Google Ads can help you to reach your target audience via Google Search, Google Maps, Google Play, or YouTube. Not only can it give you massive reach, but also transparency and flexibility to ensure that your marketing efforts deliver maximum impact. 

In fact, according to Search Engine Watch, more than 70% of Google Ads marketers plan to spend more on PPC campaigns. This stat clearly shows that it can work. 

However, to create a Google Ads campaign that’s profitable requires skill and experience. Plus, seeing that you’re busy running a business, you’ve got other things to focus on and upskilling on your PPC marketing skills is probably not very high on your to-do list in 2022. So, to help you leverage Google Ads without adding more to your workload, we’ve created this Top 20 Google Ads agencies list. Some focus only on PPC, while others offer a range of marketing services. 

20 of the Best Google Ads Agencies for 2022:

20 Top Google Ads Agencies

1. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is one of the top Facebook Ad agencies, but they can also help you with Google Ads. As a Google Ads Premier Agency Partner, they’ll partner with you to understand  your business goals and how these will impact your customers. They’ll then turn this into a unique and authentic Google Ads campaign. 

They’ve helped hundreds of companies by optimizing their advertisements. Using your target audience, offers, budget, and the power of machine learning, they’ll increase efficiency and grow your Google Ads campaigns. 

2. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is an award-winning online marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including PPC campaigns. Established in 2005, their headquarters are in Texas, but they have offices across the United States. 

As a Premier Google Partner, they’re a trusted leader in PPC campaigns. If you’re an eCommerce business that wants to reach customers who are ready to buy, their PPC experts will help you to set up Google Shopping ads. Their team of certified Google Ads PPC specialists can also help you to get more traffic by performing in-depth PPC audits to make sure your offerings reach the right target audience and that your ads are optimized for Google. 

3. LYFE Marketing

Based in Atlanta, LYFE Marketing is a leading social media management company that helps you to get more leads and sales by creating top-performing campaigns. According to their website, they’ve managed more than 250 PPC campaigns for clients. For example, for The Embroidery Store, they managed to create a return on investment of over 160%. 

As a Certified Google Partner, they can help you to generate high-quality traffic and boost conversions with the help of Google Search Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, and Google Shopping Services. Their services include initial campaign strategy, ad creation, ongoing keyword research, and reporting. 

One of the benefits of partnering with LYFE is that you’ll be assigned a dedicated paid search account manager. This person will be your primary point of contact.  

With regards to their pricing, they charge a $300 account set-up fee and their monthly PPC ad spend starts at $500. All things considered, their services are best for small businesses. 

4. JumpFly

JumpFly was started by two childhood friends nearly two decades ago. Today, they’re a team of 40 employees (34 of whom are Google certified specialists), and one of the leading digital advertising agencies that specialize in PPC account setup and management for Google Ads. 

In 2008, they were ranked first out of thousands of vendors in the Best PPC Management Company. Another impressive feat is that Google News has requested that their PPC advertising blog gets listed as a credible source in their exclusive news network. 

Based in Chicago, they realize that quality is just as important as quantity. Their goal is to help their clients attract quality website visitors and potential customers. Before they fly over into tactical execution, they first create a unique strategy specifically for your business. 

One of the benefits of working with JumpFly is that they don’t try to lock you in with contracts. Instead, they’re happy to opt for month-to-month contracts. 

5. Ernst Media

Ernst Media is a boutique digital marketing agency that has 15+ years experience. They can help you get results across generally every PPC channel. They use a flat, flexible price structure, without any setup fees. 

As a Certified Google Marketing Partner, they can help you with search ads, display ads, and shopping ads. They’re methodical in optimization and apply a framework that focuses on continual testing. This means that each week your ads are better than the week before. In addition to Google Ads, they can also help you with SEO, content strategies, and social media marketing. 

6. Volume Nine

Based in Denver, Volume Nine is a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC, social media, and SEO. They’ll help you to formulate and manage a Google Ads campaign. From keywords to ad copy to calls to action, they’ll make sure that you not only get more traffic but conversions as well. For example, they helped Westline Village to sell 175 townhouses an entire year before expected simply by taking advantage of Google Ads and content marketing. 

Their first goal is to understand the goals that you’ve set for your Google Ads campaign. In other words, which actions do you want to encourage your target audience to take. Armed with this knowledge, they’re ready to identify keywords that your buyer personas will use when searching on Google. They can also help you to set up Google Analytics and tags so that the performance of your campaign can be tracked accurately.

7. Evestar

Based in Florida, Evestar is an eCommerce marketing agency that offers a wide range of services that include email marketing, SEO, branding, ad creative, influencer marketing, and Google Ad buying. It was founded by Lolita Petrossov, a growth digital marketing and eCommerce expert who has worked on some of the biggest brand transformations. 

As a top eCommerce agency, they can help businesses of all sizes grow into profitable machines. For example, for Noli, a leading activewear company, they established a significant Google presence through display remarketing campaigns and smart shopping campaigns. This helped to increase their sales by almost 300%. 

8. Social Hustle

Social Hustle specializes in search ads, video ads, mobile ads, and shopping ads. They can help you with local service ads, customer list retargeting, conversion rate optimization, Google Map Ads, and remarketing. 

Not only are they a Premier Google Partner, but their team members have also completed a number of relevant certifications that include Google Ads Search, Google Ads - Measurement, Google Ads Display, and Shopping Ads. To date, they’ve managed more than $10 million in ad spend. More importantly, though, they’ve delivered impressive results. They’ve generated over $35 million in revenue and created even more in impressions. 

Fully realizing that paid search can be more expensive than effective when it’s not implemented correctly, they’ll do thorough testing and analysis. They’ll spend your marketing budget only where you’ll be able to create a profit. 

9. WebFX

Founded in 2009, WebFX is one of the top eCommerce marketing agencies that can help to grow your brand. They have offices in over 10 cities across North America and a team of 200+ award-winning marketers, developers, and designers ready to help you craft a custom strategy. In addition to PPC, they offer a wide range of services that include SEO, social media advertising, Facebook Marketplace for Business, and Amazon product optimization.  

As a Certified Google Premier Partner, they can help you to use Google to drive more traffic and sales. To date, they’ve managed over 650 client campaigns and can help you to make the most of your real estate in search results with Google Ads as well as Google Shopping ads. 

One of the advantages of working with WebFX is that you’ll get your own dedicated account manager who’ll help you to leverage your ads. From creating your ads to managing them, your account manager will take care of everything. 

With regards to their pricing, you’re looking at about $1,750 minimum. This includes an initial investment of $1,000 and one month’s management fee. 

10. SocialSEO

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, SocialSEO is regarded as one of the top digital marketing agencies in America. While their name might suggest that they focus only on SEO, they’re a Premier Google Partner and can also help you with Google Ads. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up or a Fortune 500 company, they’ll create a customized digital advertising strategy for your business. In addition to helping you with Google Ads, they can also help you to expand your reach by focusing on Amazon Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads. 

11. Titan Growth

In addition to being a Premier Google Partner, Titan Growth is also a Google All-Star Partner, one of very few agencies to boast both titles. One of the features that set them apart from other agencies is that they focus on ongoing optimization. So, it’s never a set-it-and-forget-about-it approach. To help you make informed, competitive bids, they’ll help you with ongoing keyword research. They’ll then use A/B testing and constantly monitor to ensure your ads have a high click-through rate. 

Though, it’s not just about driving traffic to your website. Titan Growth can also help you to get the most qualified, relevant traffic with the help of audience targeting. They’ll help you to target by taking into account characteristics like age, gender, and income so that you can refine your target audience. 

On their website, they also advertise that you can receive a free paid media audit and opportunity analysis. So, if you’re not sure if you’re ready to invest in paid campaigns at this stage, this can be a good place to start. 

12. SmartSites

SmartSites was started more than 10 years ago by two brothers. Not only do they share the same parents, but also a passion for the digital world. 

During 10+ years in business they’ve helped clients all across the world to drive more traffic. In addition to SEO, web design, and digital PR, they can also help businesses with PPC campaigns. For example, for NJ Lux Real Estate, they managed to increase their total traffic by 543%, while their conversions also enjoyed a significant increase of more than 60%. 

As a Premier Google Partner, their team of PPC experts can help you to create a data-driven strategy. Some of their other services include advanced bidding, market segmentation, expert analysis, remarketing, and real-time reporting. 

13. KlientBoost

KlientBoost understands that when it comes to marketing it’s not only about making money but also saving money where you can. As a result, they’ve helped hundreds of companies not only to increase their conversions, but also to decrease their cost per conversion (and they have more than 600 reviews to show for their hard work). For example, for Base, they’ve managed to decrease the cost per conversion by nearly 60%. 

One thing that sets them apart from other agencies on our list is that they actually created their own software to optimize their clients’ Google Ads campaigns. With the help of Kite, they can spot weaknesses and opportunities that other brands might miss. 

Whether you want a one-time Google Ads setup or need ongoing Google Ads management, they offer their clients different options. While you don’t need to have a specific minimum or maximum spend, their clients typically spend anything from $5,000 to $1 million per month. 

14. WebMechanix

WebMechanix is a Google Premier Partner and one of the top conversion rate optimization (CRO) companies. On Clutch, they’ve received 30+ reviews and boast an average score of 4.8. The case studies on their website are further proof that they know what they’re doing. For example, they helped a client that sells individual cookbooks to tap into businesses that were interested in buying cookbooks in bulk as this approach was going to be more profitable. By specifying the product quantity at the keyword level (among a few other things) they managed to increase the conversion rate by over 160% while reducing the cost per lead by 37%. 

All in all, they’re one of the best choices for mid to large businesses. In addition to PPC management, they can also help your business with design, user experience, copy, and SEO to mention only a few. 

15. Megethos

Megethos is an award-winning paid media management agency that can help you to create, manage, and optimize PPC campaigns across multiple channels. As a Google Partner, they can help you with Google search campaigns, shopping ads, multi-language search campaigns, bidding strategies, A/B testing, and loads more. 

Their approach can be broken down into six steps. It all starts with a comprehensive 50-point audit that looks at a wide range of factors that include ad copy, audiences, demographics, and ad spend. During the discovery phase, they’ll also analyze historical performance data from previous paid search campaigns to see what worked and what can be improved upon. Only after they’ve gathered all this data will they start to strategize. Then, after they’ve launched your campaign, they’ll continue to measure your campaigns in real-time and adjust your budget for optimal results. 

One of the main advantages of working with them is that they specialize in paid media management and CRO. They also prefer to work with companies that already have existing paid strategies in place. So, if your goal is to optimize your current Google Ads campaign and nothing more, this can be a good fit. 

16. Voy Media

Voy Media is a performance-based, full-service agency that “speaks fluent internet”. According to them, they also speak every dialect of Google and can help you with keyword research, bid automation, retargeting, and real-time analytics to mention only a few. 

One of the advantages of working with Voy Media is that you’ll get a dedicated account manager and lead strategist who’ll work with you one on one. If you’re planning on using multichannel marketing they’re a great choice as they can also help you with Amazon marketing, Facebook Ads, and many other platforms, even TikTok and Snapchat. 

Whether you’re a start-up, already more established, or a Fortune 500 company, they can basically help you with all things advertising. For example, for TheraBox they created a subscription box strategy to scale efficiently on Google Ads. The results were a 70% increase in revenue and a decrease of 26% in ad spend. There are many other case studies on their website that prove why they’re so popular.  

17. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility was launched in 2013 and is based in San Diego, California. During their time in business, they’ve received numerous awards for their services and their proprietary digital marketing forecasting system that helps their clients to achieve their goals. In fact, in 2020 they were named the best PPC company in the USA by 10BestPPC. As a premier Google partner in a special pilot program, they currently work with more than 150 PPC and online advertising clients. 

With regards to their Google Ads service, they can help you to drive high-value traffic by concentrating on precise intent-targeting. They also have an in-house team of content writers who can create customer copy that can drive conversions effectively. In addition to Google Ads, they can also offer email marketing, SEO, social media, digital PR, interactive campaigns, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

One of the advantages of working with them is that even though they work with businesses of all sizes, they’ll still take into account the requirements of your business to create a customizable contract. 

18. Single Grain

Single Grain is a digital marketing agency that has an expert understanding of Google Ads and other forms of paid media. As a Google Premier Partner, they’ve managed Google Ads campaigns across virtually every industry and have worked with the likes of Airbnb, Uber, and Random House.

Their team of certified PPC experts will help you to create a personalized Google Ads strategy by implementing Google’s best practices and keeping your specific goals in mind. Their services include in-depth keyword discovery, ongoing campaign tracking, and regular campaign progress reporting. 

With regards to their pricing, every project that they complete is tailor-made which means that you’ll also benefit from customized pricing. 

19. Push Group

If you’re a start-up or mid-tier business looking to scale quickly, you can also check out Push Group. According to their website, they were Google’s most recognized Premier Partner over the past 12 years. Some of their accomplishments include winning the award for Google’s Highest Customer Satisfaction in EMEA. What’s more, as they have access to the latest betas and work directly with the search engine, you’ll also get access to the latest features and tools. 

20. Hello Seed

Based in Brighton in the UK, Hello Seed is one of the top Google Ads agencies for smaller businesses. They combine data analysis, algorithmic automation, psychology, and creativity to create unique Google Ads campaigns for their clients. 

As a Google Premier Partner, they can help businesses with Google Shopping, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and Remarketing Ads. For example, for World of Books, the largest second-hand book retailer in the UK, they managed to increase their revenue by a whopping 1,029% year-on-year with the help of Google Ads and Google Shopping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best Google ad agency?

To choose the best Google ad agency, consider these critical qualities for a reputable Google Ads agency:
Brand culture and reputation
Analytics: Tracking and reporting
Strategy and set up

What ad agency does Google use?

Essence has worked as Google’s global digital media agency for more than a decade. They help Google with digital marketing and advertising.

How do I set up a Google ad agency?

To sign up for Google Partners in Google Ads, follow these easy steps:
Go to Google Partners
Click Join
Sign into your Google Ads account
Review the disclaimer and Terms of Service, then click accept and continue
Select the Google Ads manager account that works best for your company

How much do marketing agencies charge for Google ads?

Marketing agencies will charge anywhere from $250 to $5,000 (or more) per month for Google Ads. With a hands-on ,strategic PPC agency, your ads budget should be close to the amount you will spend on management fees with your agency.

How much should I pay for Google ads?

Here’s a cheat sheet for Google Ads pricing:
$1 to $2 per click with CPC (Google Search Network)
$1 or less per click with CPC (Google Display Network)
$350 to $5000 or 12-30% of ad spend per month for Professional Google Ads management, including an agency
$15 to $800 monthly for PPC management tools