Top 12 Crypto & NFT Marketing Agencies for 2022

Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the digital world has grown exponentially, which is hard to quantify in mere units. The cryptocurrency paved the way for creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), also known as crypto arts. Artists and creators are taking advantage of the moment as well. 

Digital artist Beeple recently sold an NFT collage of his work entitled “Everydays:  The First 5000 Days” for over $69 million. It’s the first time an auction house has offered a digital piece of art for sale. Unsurprisingly, after the sales, the mainstream started paying more attention to NFTs.

Let’s take a closer look at the world of crypto arts.

Top 12 Crypto and NFT Marketing Agencies for 2022:

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

In contrast to physical currency, a cryptocurrency is a form of digital tokens or coins dispensed via a private system. It is powered by the blockchain. The technology captures and preserves data on all transactions in a public ledger accessible by anyone. Crypto is not governed or centralized by a single authority. And unlike digital currencies, cryptos have robust encryption security.

What are Non-fungible Tokens?

Non-fungible tokens represent digital assets and tangible items that can be digitized. NFTs come in various forms, but the most prominent today are image files, trading cards, video clips, art collections, domain names, and gaming add-ons. The value of crypto arts is continuously increasing because of their scarcity. Developers program the NFT platform in a way that only a handful of NFT assets are available at a time.

Non-fungible tokens have distinct characteristics. NFTs are:


Smart contracts record identifying information in NFTs. The token's integrated metadata shows pertinent information visible and stored on the blockchain. The smart contracts include data like verification of ownership, transferability (if applicable), links to other digital assets, royalties, and license fees.


Specific attributes link NFTs with certificates of authenticity. As such, they can't be swapped out or interchanged. Unlike bitcoins, which are exchangeable, NFTs are one of a kind, in both literal and figurative senses.


You can't divide NFTs into parts, much like you can't split a movie ticket between two people. The worth of an NFT asset is correlated in its entirety. If you divide it into pieces, it becomes worthless and unredeemable.

What Distinguishes NFTs From Cryptocurrencies?

Both NFTs and cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology and follow similar standards. Thus, they usually draw the same players. Trading NFTs frequently entails the usage of cryptographic forms of money.

The name emphasizes the fundamental difference between the two. Cryptocurrency is fungible and has the same value as other currencies. A dollar is a dollar, and in the same way, one Bitcoin is equal to another. This is because cryptocurrency is transposable. And because of this feature, it is a secure way to complete blockchain transactions.

But NFTs are different. They stand out because their value goes beyond economics. Like any other valuable item, the worth of crypto art is ascribed by those who deem it prized and worthwhile. 

Let's say you're a football fan and want a Crypto Strikers trading card of your favorite footballer. Despite being all NFTs, Crypto Strikers 2018 FIFA World Cup trade cards are different from one another. The artwork and rarity of the trading cards vary. The card's value also depends on the prominence of the footballer in it. But also, the value you – as the buyer – put on the trading card completely changes its importance. In that respect, the "worth" of the footballer dictates the value of the crypto art.

How Can Creators Make Money Through NFTs?

NFTs have provided new avenues for people to access various forms of crypto art. Artists and creators mint NFTs using digital items which include, but are not limited to:

  • Artwork like paintings
  • Collectibles like memorabilia
  • Fashion items like designer sneakers
  • Reels like sports highlights
  • Gaming add-ons like skins and virtual avatars
  • Entertainment bits like music, GIFs, and even tweets (that’s worth over $2.9 million!)


If you're a creator, there are various ways you can profit from NFTs, including:

Creating your art

You can market your work as NFTs, which can significantly increase its monetary value. If you own collectibles, you can also turn them into NFT assets. 

Trading non-fungible tokens

You can buy and sell NFTs for profit. Much like with real-life trading, this requires you to do in-depth research in choosing NFTs that can potentially yield substantial returns. 

Capitalizing on NFT-based gaming items

Gamers spend a fortune on in-game accessories like skins and loot boxes. In-game NFTs are considerably more innovative, sophisticated, and interactive than digital trading cards. If you create cool avatars and skins, you can market them to gamers. 

Investing in NFT-based ventures

You must keep abreast of statistics, sales, and trends in the industry. There are currently several promising projects showing significant advancements in the crypto industry. Investing in them can be advantageous.

What is NFT Marketing?

NFT sales topped $2.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021. Brands are marketing NFT assets left and right and profiting from them considerably. NFT marketing enables creators and businesses to promote their NFT assets effectively to gain a larger number of consumers and investors to their network.

The level of hype produced by your NFT marketing strategy sets the value of your crypto art. You can use five different types of NFT marketing for your work.

Content Marketing

Virtually every major blockchain agency uses content marketing to promote NFT. Content marketing links the agency and the client. It specifies the complete technical process, which is necessary not just for marketing but also to understand how the agency promotes your asset entirely. This marketing strategy is unique because it provides both commercial and technical data on your work. 

Social media marketing

Due to its notable dependability, social media is a networking frontrunner in aiding NFT-based projects. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok produce massive venues for NFT creators to sell their tokens and rapidly expand their brand. A successful social media buzz about your crypto art normally snowballs into spectacular sales. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an innovative strategy in which social media influencers promote the NFT to their fans and followers. To ensure the success of this marketing campaign, work with an influencer that is well-known across different social channels.

Banner Marketing

Companies can use banner marketing to promote on various crypto and NFT websites. The price of the banner varies depending on the reach of the domain. 

Community Marketing

Community marketing turns forums like Discord and Reddit into interaction hubs for creators and prospects. Because there is a direct line of communication, creators can answer queries faster and more precisely. This marketing method also builds trust between the seller and the bidders.

Top Crypto and NFT Marketing Agencies for 2022

NFT marketing agencies can help you promote your crypto arts. Here are some of the best crypto and NFT companies to pay attention to:

1. NeoReach


Neoreach is a full-service marketing agency specializing in decentralized projects, remote teams, and Web3-based targets. With a solid understanding of core blockchain audiences and technologies, the agency provides a comprehensive marketing strategy from conception, through production, to execution. Neoreach also offers first-rate tools for NFT minting timeframes, launches, secondary market amplification techniques, and support. Moreover, the agency improves campaign content, retargets audiences, and launches paid advertising from influencer profiles to boost conversions and credibility across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social channels.

2. Coinbound


Coinbound is a terrific NFT advertising agency with a knack for building a lot of buzz around their client’s assets. The agency’s reputable standing stems from the team’s unique approach to managing and improving the NFT’s brand image. It also doesn’t hurt that Coinbound has close relations to some of the crypto industry’s top names like Cosmos and ShapeShift.

3. CryptoPR


CryptoPR is a leading NFT marketing agency that provides unrivaled NFT promotions thanks to its highly-skilled workforce. Public relations, influencer marketing, branding ventures, and social media campaigns are just a few of the services they offer. CryptoPR outlines how they intend to drive traffic to your NFT collections, so even if you’re new to the industry, you won’t get lost in the process. To maximize your reach, the agency also explicitly targets your demographic.

4. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory, regarded as one of the premier NFT advertising agencies, offers more than just marketing services. For their crypto and NFT ideas, the company provides clients with streamlined development, production, and research. Blockchain App Factory has completed numerous domestic and international projects with great success. The agency offers ingenious ideas that effectively reach your target audience to boost your brand through cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns.

5. AppDupe 


AppDupe is on a constant mission to build exceptional NFTs that span virtual and tangible assets. The agency offers tailored NFT marketing services to assist your NFTs in climbing the ladder and targeting prospects. AppDupe has a dedicated marketplace where users can mint their works into NFTs. The agency also offers services for creators to tokenize their work on a blockchain network before listing on a trading platform. AppDupe develops pioneering marketing practices to increase the value of your work with the help of a skilled team of specialists.



INORU is a leading global NFT marketing agency. The best feature of INORU is its highly customized solutions. INORU became a market leader by emphasizing three key elements: a zealous analytic approach, omnichannel operations, and outright strategy execution. The agency extensively analyzes the market and pays close attention to every detail to ensure your success.

7. TurnkeyTown


To promote NFTs, TurnkeyTown uses the production principle. You contact them by specifying their goals and target market, and in turn, their team outlines a strategy to meet your needs. Turnkey Town offers various NFT marketing services, including social media marketing, email marketing, community management, video marketing, content marketing, crypto influencers, and messaging funnels. The agency also helps creators by appealing to their target group on Discord and Telegraph.

8. Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR, founded in 2010, is a premier marketing agency that covers all types of digital solutions, particularly for crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. While the agency offers diverse services, each solution emphasizes two core NFT marketing features: innovative design and strategic messaging. Blockchain PR’s access to over 50 marketing services makes it ideal for promoting sophisticated NFT assets.

9. X10 Agency

X10 Agency named X10 Agency a reputable company specializing in promoting Web3 and NFTs. X10 Agency continuously receives accolades for its proven strategies, market research, and breakdown analysis. The team sees themselves as a launching pad for your NFT project, helping you engage with your target audience and achieve your long-term goals. X10 Agency also gets your brand recognized in crypto magazines like TechCrunch and Venture Beat.

10. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a leading crypto marketing agency specializing in advanced methods to promote NFT collections. The team evaluates your competition to determine what works and what does not and applies their discoveries to your marketing plan to achieve success. The agency’s “lunar strategy” ensures that you have a solid digital presence, thus helping you build a stronger brand in the cryptocurrency world. 

11. Chaincella


Chaincella is one of the first companies to work with blockchain technology. The agency offers extensive end-to-end development services to match the client’s goals. The agency’s marketing services include NFT for music, real estate, art, sports, online gaming, and memes. Chaincella’s skilled team can help you define a distinct yet creative direction and translate it into visual assets that resonate with your target audience. Chaincella also operates in accord with the demands and specifications of the industry to achieve the best results.

12. CryptoVirally


CryptoVirally offers top-quality “Ready to Buy” marketing services to help creators remove marketing roadblocks out of their way. The agency utilizes public relations and brand awareness ingenuities to promote your NFT assets worldwide. Many top-tier media outlets, including Cointelegraph, have featured CryptoVitally for delivering a complete turn-key solution for various NFT projects. CryptoVirally also uses contemporary marketing tactics, particularly influencers and social media channels.

Final Thoughts

There's a chain reaction associated with NFTs. As the crypto subset gains more traction, creators make more complex and sophisticated tokens. Developers likewise expand NFT applications, showing that NFTs are more than just hype. The industry is booming and will likely stay and evolve for a long time. 

Because the general public is starting to look closely into it, many industries are testing campaigns to get themselves into the game. Artists and creators are also having a moment turning their creations into profitable NFT assets. 

To fully grasp the potential of crypto art, creators must work with a reputable NFL marketing agency.